Below, the Stand Cricket Club team selections as of 23 April 2021.

1st XI vs Bradshaw (a):

A. Beirne (c).

D. Farmer (wk).

C. Long.

M. McGladdery.

M. Morgan.

S. McGuinness.

K. Wong.

S. Catterall.

L. Solis.

A. McGladdery.

C. Williams (Pro).

2nd XI vs East Lancs Paper Mill (h):

C. Marlor (c).

L. Rayson.

O. Beirne.

C. Sutcliffe.

E. McLoughlin.

F. Butt.

R. Massey.

G. Berger.

B. Dawes.

T. Orr.

T. Smith.