Weekly update – Thursday 1st October

We trialled opening last Friday evening for the first time last week, unfortunately without any kind of success, so this is a shout out to our lovely members, and the wider Whitefield public to announce again that we are open on Fridays from 6.30-10.00pm.

We’re also wondering whether opening on a Saturday from 4.00-10.00pm would appeal to our local community?

If you could spare us a moment of your time to give us your thoughts on which, if any, or both, of the above would entice you to come down for a drink over the winter?

One idea we have had is if a couple or family group would like to come down to the club, and one member of that group decides to be the designated driver for whatever reason be it due to time constraint or not wanting to use taxis etc, then that person will be entitled to a free soft drink with each purchase of an alcoholic drink for that group.

This will only apply to the dedicated driver, and will be in place from this Friday.

It’s vitally important to us to try and open throughout the winter months because we can’t hold private functions over 30, so it could be a very difficult one for the club.

Come along, enjoy a pint, glass of prosecco, gin or wine and support our little club.

On behalf of Stand, we thank you for any feedback and support.