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Welcome to Stand Cricket Club

Stand Cricket Club, were established in 1853, and we are located on the fringes of the town centre in Whitefield, Bury between Hamilton Road and Higher Lane.

The Club were founder members of the North Western Cricket league which formed into the Lancashire and Cheshire Cricket League until 1992 when they became a member of the Central Lancashire League between 1993 and 2004 in which Stand CC had limited success (highest position 4th 1995), moved into the Lancashire County League for the 2005 season.

Since joining the LCL the club have won the Walkden Cup (2008), the Hulme Trophy (2009), the 2nd XI Last Six Competition (2010) and the 3rd XI League, the Bryden Trophy (2006, 2007, 2008). 

Stand are Founder members of the Greater Manchester Cricket League in 2016. Winning the Second Division as champions and the First Division Title in 2018.

First Class players have included Warren Hegg of Lancashire County Cricket Club and England, Norman McVicker of Warwickshire CC and Leicestershire CC Hugh Milling of Ireland.

Stand Cricket Club has been long been a favourite venue for private functions and corporate events. The clubhouse over looks the cricket pitch and is surrounded by protected trees giving the venue lovely outdoor space.

This can make a real difference, whether you’re organising a team building day or a birthday celebration.

Just moments from the M60 and the Metrolink, we’re easy to reach and find – which is just one reason why we’re such a popular venue.

Meet the team

It takes real commitment and passion from our team of volunteers to run a cricket club. You’ll see it on the pitch and in the function room. You’ll also see it in every member of the team…

Paul Wilkinson

Chairman / Function Room Manager

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Paul McGladdery

Vice-Chairman / Groundsman

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Mrs G Hegg


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Karl Chadwick

Club Secretary / Membership Manager

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Stuart Catterall


Treasurer & Former 1st XI captain. Played 1st XI cricket at Leyland Motors in Northern League and Haslingden in the Lancashire League before joining Stand CC in 2008 and still playing a bit of 2nd XI cricket. Represented League sides for the Northern League and the Lancashire League and represented the Lancashire Cricket Board. Assists with coaching all ages at junior practice session.

Alex Beirne

Cricket Chairman

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Adam McGladdery

Junior Cricket

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Sally McGladdery

Club Welfare Officer

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Lorraine Warburton

Social Secretary

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Neil Flanagan


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“I’ve been involved with Stand Cricket Club since for 32 years. From a player, to captain, bar manager, treasurer and now chairman, it is my privilege to be able to help Stand be the best it can be and be an integral part of our sporting and social community.”


Paul Wilkinson, Chairman, May 2020

A potted history

Club honours list

1st XI honours

1941 Lancashire and Cheshire Champions
1951 Lancashire and Cheshire Champions
1961 Lancashire and Cheshire Champions and Walkden cup winners Saville Whittle Shield winners
1962 Walken Cup Winners
1986 Lancashire and Cheshire Division Two Runners Up
1988 Hough Shield Winners
1989 Hough Shield Runners Up
2008 Walkden Cup Winners MOM S Catterall
2016 Greater Manchester Cricket League Division Two Champions
2018 Greater Manchester Cricket League Division One Champions

2nd XI honours

1977 Hulme cup winners
1985 Lancs and Cheshire 1st Division Champions
1985 Hulme cup runners Up
1988 Lancs and Cheshire 2nd Division Champions
2009 Hulme Trophy Winners MOM D. Foreman
2009 LCL Sportsman’s Trophy
2010 LCL Last Six Competition Winners
2016 GMCL 4th Division Promotion
2019 GMCL 3rd Division Promotion

3rd XI honours

1982 North Manchester 3rd Division Winners Stokes Cup Winners
1983 Hodgson Cup Runners up
1990 North Manchester 2nd Division Runners Up
1991 Hodson Cup Winners MOM B.McVicker
1999 North Manchester 3rd Division Runners Up
2002 Stokes Cup Runners Up
2003 CLL Division and Cup winners
2006 LCC Division winners
2007 LCC Division winners
2008 LCC Division winners
2019 GMCL Division C Winners

Other awards

2009 LCL Sportsmanship Trophy


1981 Jim Kenyon (Eng)
1982 Jim Kenyon (Eng)
1983 Jim Kenyon (Eng)
1984 Jim Kenyon (Eng)
1985 Steve Burnage (Eng)
1986 Dave(Percy)Parsons (Eng)
1987 Dave(Percy)Parsons (Eng)
1988 Dave(Percy)Parsons (Eng)
1989 Franny Daly (Eng)
1990 Franny Daly (Eng)
1991 Dave Townley (Aus)
1992 Andy Williams (Eng)
1993 Michael J Warden (Aus)
1994 Michael J Warden (Aus)
1995 Michael J Warden (Aus)
1996 Michael J Warden (Aus)
1997 Michael J Warden (Aus)
1998 Michael J Warden (Aus)
1999 Sampath (SL)
2000 Brad Flegg (SA)
2001 Brad Flegg (SA)
2002 Martin Hegg (Eng)
2003 Martin Hegg (Eng)
2004 John Seedle (Eng)
2005 John Seedle (Eng)
2006 Trent Scott (Aus)
2007 Trent Scott (Aus)
2008 Naranjan Kumara (SL)
2009 Amila Wethhassinghe (SL)
2010 Amila Weththasinghe (SL)
2011 James Cutt (Eng)
2012 No Professional
2013 No Professional
2014 No Professional
2015 Chandi Kumara (Pak)
2016 Ali Azmat (Pak)
2017 Ali Azmat (Pak)
2018 Geshan Wimaladharma (SL)
2019 Nadeera Nawella (SL)
2020 Chris Williams (Eng)
2021 Chris Williams (Eng)
2022 Chris Williams (Eng)
2023 No Professional

Overseas Amateurs

1984 Dave Townley (Aus)
1993 Geoff Nelson (Aus)
1994 Dean Temple (Aus)
1995 Dean Temple (Aus)
2001 Josh McClean (Aus)
2012 Brett Ernst (Aus)
2014 Brett Ernst (Aus)
2018 Jamal Sukhon (NZ)
2019 Jamal Sukhon (NZ)
2022 Dylan Faram (Aus)
2023 Dylan Faram (Aus)

Dean Temple broke and held the amateur batting record for the number of runs scored in the 1995 season.

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